*  Set-Up Alternatives
        o Cash or Accrual Basis Accounting
        o Cash or Accrual Basis Sales Tax Accounting
        o 12 or 13 period
        o Multi-Division capability
        o User defined date for beginning fiscal period
        o Variable Billing and Customer Descriptors
  * General Ledger
        o Double Entry Bookkeeping
        o Two Future Period Posting
        o Bank Reconciliation
        o Track Budgets
        o Checkbooks Based Upon General Ledger Account Numbers
        o Recurring Entries Allowed
        o Automated Year-End Closing
        o System Balancing
  * Accounts Payable
        o Recurring Bills Supported
        o Entry of Bills
        o Revision of Bills Supported
        o Automated and Handwritten Check Capability
        o Vendor Accounting Maintained On Accrual Basis
        o Internet Transfer Accounting Capability
        o Classic Double Entry Bookkeeping
        o Vendor Withholding
  * Accounts Receivable
        o Recurring Invoices Supported
        o Time, Item, and Receipt Entry and Revision Supported
        o Late Charge and Interest Charges
        o Sales Tax
        o Automated Block Billing Breakdown Into Line Items
        o Customer/Client Accounting Maintained On Accrual Basis
        o Classic Double Entry Bookkeeping
        o Advanced Deposit/Trust Accounting
        o Billing Analysis By Billing Description
        o Address Book Interface

* Case Management

* Case File and Email Management

* Distributed Data Entry For Timekeeper Transactions

* Enhanced Transaction Posting For Speed

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